This and That

4 Mar

It’s been a busy day so far! Dishes were washed, diapers cleaned, two breakfasts eaten, carpet vacuumed, WIC appointment attended, lunch consumed, and Ella is down for her nap (by herself!!!). All written out, it doesn’t seem like a lot but trust me, it’s more than I’ve been able to accomplish in a few weeks. I’ve been suffering from severe migraines since hitting the second trimester. The longest to date lasted eleven days! My midwife referred me to a neurologist and his only two suggestions were: give birth and take 400mg of vitamin B2. Since this first suggestion isn’t an option until August, I’ve been dutifully choking down my B2 with breakfast. So far, it appears to be working. I only have low grade headaches that are magnified if I sit at a desktop computer for very long. Aaron’s laptop appears to be less an of an issue, so I find myself online more when he leaves his computer at home for me.

I really am feeling the need to have more structure to my day. For the past few months, it feels like I’ve just been rolling through the day without much of a plan. There is a set day for grocery shopping, going to church, and working, but other than that, nothing! When I’ve tried to implement a more formal schedule to my life, I’ve always gone completely overboard and burned out ASAP. My hope is that this time, I’ll do “structure lite” and hope it sticks. Maybe something like this?

Diaper laundry
Weekly chore

NAP (sleep or do something for personal time)

Post-nap snack and snuggle
Vacuum living room
Get dinner started

After that, Aaron arrives home and we just fall into the routine of dinner, post dinner cleanup/play, and bedtime. Maybe this time, I’ll be able to stick to it and feel like I accomplish something every day other than simply surviving.

(side note: Ella’s been sleeping for TWO HOURS, people! That’s nearly unheard of!!!)

On a complete change of subject, I just wanted to share how much I love my midwife. She is the type of person who I could have a relationship outside of the professional realm and she feels the same way! So if she isn’t catching a baby, she’s coming over tomorrow evening for chatting and tea. Evidently, she made a birthday gift for Ella but wasn’t able to make her party in October. I can’t wait to see it tomorrow. Knowing Sherry, it’ll be personal and perfect.

I feel like this year is going to be one of change. Aside from the obvious change of an addition to our family, I feel the need to do a personal overhaul. I feel like I’m in a rut, stuck, and I don’t like being this way. Even if my changes don’t fit in with what’s “hip and cool” or isn’t even in with the “out crowd”, I hope to be able to be true to myself and stick with it. That is completely different post and I hear the small child waking up!

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