Ella Update

7 Mar

Ella turned 16 months old a week or so ago. It amazes me to look at her and see a little girl instead of a baby! I still call her my baby, but she’s quickly abandoning the idea of infant and hurdling at a break neck speed into toddler hood.

She loves to go outside. If she feels she hasn’t had enough fresh air, she’ll crawl into the stroller and bang on the window. Or if the stroller is put away, she’ll grab her coat and try to open the front door! I can’t wait until the weather is better so I can let her play in the backyard. There’s talk of tomorrow being 60 degrees, so we just might be able to partake in the squishy backyard!

Words she says:

Peass (please)
Bye bye
Eye (She gets really upset if I try to lay down for her nap with my glasses on!)
All done
Yes (da? I don’t know where that came from)
Syllables that are untypeable but mean “thank you”.
Ackies! (for anything stinky or messy)
Uh Oh

Signs she uses:
All done
Thank you

Some of her other favorite things to do is running to everyone and asking for kisses. She tries to pucker up and makes begging noises. Another new development is that she smacks her lips when something sounds good!

It was as if overnight, she became fiercely independent. I can hold her hand while using stairs, but she has to do it herself. She insists on putting away her own shoes and if I try to carry her to the car, you’d think I squeezed a cat too hard.

My all time favorite nickname for is is “chickpea”. When she was an itty bitty baby, her bottom looked like a garbanzo bean. “Garbanzo” seemed to masculine, so I went with the more feminine name for the same legume. ha! Now I have fodder for her high school graduation party or something similarly embarrassing.

Aaron trait: The other day, she was riding on her “beep beep” car in the kitchen and accidentally crashed into the cat food bowl. She wasn’t hurt but was sobbing to beat the band and emphatically saying, “Uh oh! Mess!” over and over again. She didn’t stop crying until all the cat food was picked up and everything set to rights. Aaron is pretty similar, without the sobbing part or cashing his beep beep car.

Dallas Ann trait: When I was really little, I use to go to the bathroom to watch myself cry. Ella has started the same thing. When we tell her “no” about something, she runs away, sobbing loudly, and sits down in front of the hall mirror to watch herself cry. It’s very amusing.



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