Husband Brag

27 Apr

I’d like to take a moment and brag on my husband.

  • His sense of responsibility to himself, God, me, and his children is beyond incredible. A lot is going on in our life right now and due to the economic downturn, he may be looking at changing fields completely. It amazes me that he is willing to seriously consider such a gigantic change, esp since he absolutely LOVES car repair. I feel so blessed that he takes his responsibility to provide for his family so seriously. Many families do not have that type of husband and father and I truly count my blessings.
  • Ella and I got up on Sunday morning to find Aaron making pancakes and eggs for us! It was a wonderful surprise and Ella kept on saying “Day dooo, day dooo” over and over (thank you).
  • Aaron steps in and takes care of the household responsibilities when I am unable. Again, while I’m sure they’re out there, I don’t know many husbands who wash dishes, do laundry (even diaper laundry!), vacuum, and clean house without complaint!
  • I’ve only had to pump gas into my car once in the past 3 years!

He truly is wonderful and I feel so blessed.


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