Just Take The Plunge

1 May

Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been loosing myself to a mommy image. Not that being a mom or having a toddler attached to your hip is a bad thing, but I’ve felt like I’ve been slowly loosing who I am to what I think I should be. I’ve finally decided to take control of what I can and make a change.

Well, making changes one small step at a time.

My first attempt has been my hair. I got it all cut off when I was pregnant with Ella because I thought having short hair would be easier with a newborn and besides, aren’t moms suppose to have short hair?

Little did I realize that having short hair equaled having to shower every morning because one half would stand up on end while the other would be plastered to your head. Combine that with sleep deprivation and you’ve got one sorry looking lady on your hands. However, I stuck with it because it was super cute when I actually had time to wash and style it.

Finally, I had enough. About 4 months ago, I decided that I was throwing in the towel and growing my hair out. Not to glorious Rapunzel like lengths but to at least a bob, maybe even a bit past shoulder length. Besides, who expects a pregnant woman in her first trimester with a barely one year old child to look put together 100% of the time? Heck, even 68% of the time? No one that matters to me, I can assure you of that.

I visited my friend Dawn today, who just happens to also be blessed with fantastic hair skills. I plopped myself down in her chair while our kids played in the other room and said, “I don’t care what you do to this mop other than I want to continue to grow it out and I don’t want to look like a Muppet.”

Dawn worked her magic and my hair now looks much more even and removed any traces of the resemblance to Jareth the Goblin King. She covered my hair in tin foil and dye and waited. I didn’t know what colors she was using, but I was sure I’d love it.

And I was right.

The lighting in my house isn’t good enough to catch the nuances of my hair color, so you’ll have to settle for my description. It’s a rich chestnut brown color with red under tones and these awesome dark red lowlights. Dare I say it’s a touch… punkish? It makes me super happy and I’m really encouraged to find that I haven’t got a ticket from the “mommy apperance police” yet over my daring step outside of the box.


2 Responses to “Just Take The Plunge”

  1. Marie Gage May 7, 2009 at 11:09 am #

    Dallas Ann,

    I love your blog posts. Keep up your chin, girl, you’re doing an awesome job at life! The Lord will help you in the tough spots because your heart is right. And your hair is really cute too. : )

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