Hello! My Name Is: Domestically Disabled

5 May

I really do have super fail at maintaining our house. I feel like a useless stay at home parent because I’m not staying on top of things. Aaron works 10 hour days of hard manual labor to provide for us and the last thing he should have to come home and do is dishes and pick up toys. Granted, I’m sure once in a while won’t kill him but every night? Not okay. Spending the entire weekend trying to get the house caught up? Again, not okay.

So my goal is to start small and work up to maintaining the whole house. The only things that I’m asking to be his responsibility are:

  • Feeding the cats
  • Taking garbage out
  • Putting diapers on the rinse/wash cycle at night
  • Putting them in the dryer in the morning
  • Bring up laundry from the basement that has already been washed, dryed, and folded. We have a laundry shoot I can send the clothes down in but I physically can not haul it back upstairs.

The past week, I have been “testing” myself and have been able to stay on top of the dishes (for the most part). He hasn’t washed a single dish. Granted, coming home on Saturday after work to find a sink full of dirty dishes from lunch was really frustrating but he acknowledged that he slacked off there and will stay on top of that in the future. I appreciated him telling me that without any prompting or mention from me.

So this afternoon I’m creating a master list of daily, weekly, monthly chores that I want to accomplish and then putting them into a new Google calender to email me my list for the day. I’m only going to be focusing on the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom. I think if I can stay on top of that for 6 months, I’ll branch out into the bedrooms and then tackle the basement. In the past, I’ve had epic failure because I try to do *everything* at once. It was so overwhelming and impossible that I quit before the end of two weeks. I’m hoping by taking small bites at a time, I’ll be able to eventually get the entire house under my belt. Kind of like how an ant eats a buffalo, eh?

I’m super super nervous about how I will handle Aaron being gone 6 days a week if he gets into CNA training. He’ll leave for work at 7:15am and get home late at night after training is over. On Saturdays, they meet all day. Sundays would be his only day off. He’s going to be exhausted, stressed, and worn out. I really want Sundays to be relaxing and rejuvenating for him. The only what that will happen is if I stay on top of the house during the week. I’m very thankful that the training is only 6 weeks. Shorter than a minimester. I can deal with that. WE can deal with that.

Another hope I have is that if the house is all caught up and presentable by the time Miles is born, it won’t go into too much disrepair if I take a couple weeks off from house keeping. I’m planning on using disposable plates, bowls, and silverware until I get back up on my feet, so aside from laundry and general house pick up, we should be good to let things slide. Right?


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