An Ella Update

18 May

This month, Ella turns 19 months. For those of you who aren’t into the whole month age thing (I wasn’t until I had a child), that means she’s almost 2. More like 1 and a half.  Just over the past few weeks, there has been an explosion in her personality! She’s trying to talk more and picks up on words daily. When she’s grunting and whining for something, we ask her to please use words to tell us what she wants. It’s simply amazing to watch her stop and think. You can almost see the wheels turning in her head! Just the other day I told her that, even though I knew she was hungry and wanted a snack. She sat for a few moments in silence and then made smacking noises with her lips followed by adding “yum yum”.

She’s very insistent on telling us stories, even though we don’t know exactly what she’s saying. The big orange cat in our house, Phillip, is called “No No Kitty” by Ella because he gets into trouble so much. Well, a few weeks ago, No No Kitty got out of the house and it really traumatized her. She was crying and signing for him to come back! This has been the never ending story that has been told to us. Ella points to the front door and says “No No Kitty! Bye bye! No no!!!” and she won’t stop saying those phrases until we acknowledge her by saying something like, “Yes, the No No Kitty got outside but Daddy caught him and brought him back. Aren’t you happy that he’s safe inside?” She nods a response and wanders off to go play.

Her latest story incorporates her newest word, “boom”. Late last week, there was a HUGE thunder storm and Ella would comment on the thunder every time it cracked. We would respond with something like, “Yes, thunder makes a big boom doesn’t it?” Now she’s pointing out the window and jabbering away unintelligibly except for the word boom. And again,we have to acknowledge her story by repeating it back in our own words before she’ll let it go and move on. Not that we mind, it’s rather entertaining. 🙂

Ella also seems very excited about having a new baby coming to our family. I didn’t realize just how much we talk about Miles until I noticed her patting her baby doll’s back and saying “shh shh shh Mys”. She also brings me toys and says “Mys” over and over again. When I ask her if they’re for Baby Miles, her grin almost splits her face and she nods excitedly. We ask her often if she’s going to teach Baby Miles how to smile, how to play, etc and she can hardly contain herself when she agrees.

I’m hoping this sticks around when the reality hits this August.

Outdoor fun


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