12 Jun

I was going to make a post today about Aaron and his reaction to finding out we’re expecting a boy. I was going to post pictures of the adorable little outfits Aaron picked out for Miles to come home in and first church service.

Until I tried to use my camera today.

Not only was the camera only focusing on the upper left hand corners of every picture, leaving the rest of the image blurry beyond recognition, but it developed a lens error. Evidently, that’s the technical term for when your point and shoot camera lens gets stuck half way between opening and closing. To repair this problem, it would cost as much as it would to get a new camera. Either way, we were STUCK because we can’t afford a new camera at this time.

No camera. Family summer outings on the horizon, maternity progression pictures needing to be taken, a NEW BABY to be born soon! All of these events require a camera. I was panicking. Panicking so much that I actually called Aaron at work!

He was very understanding and patient with me, listened to what was going on and the prices of the lowest end cameras that wouldn’t die on us in less than six months and put up to the abuse a diaper bag can inflict. We both knew we couldn’t afford them, but he was humoring me, listening, and looking at links I had emailed him.

Then Aaron came upon a solution.

Our personal bank has a points reward system where you get two points for every dollar that is spent by automatic or online bill pay. Since we have all our bills set up to be paid online or be pulled automatically, we have acquired quite the stockpile of reward points and we had enough to get a digital point and shoot camera! Even though it’s on the low end of quality, it still should last us quite some time or at least until we can afford to step up in camera quality. Besides, it was FREE.

The soonest it will be here is July 1st. I was feeling rather melancholy about missing all those weeks of pictures, so I posted to my local mom group message board about what happened, asking if anyone had a spare point and shoot they could lend me until our new one came in.

Lo and behold, someone did.

It’s the little things in life like this that never cease to amaze and remind me that we are well cared for. Blessings abound.


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