Meal Chatter Monday

15 Jun

Summer is upon us in the midwest. The humidity is bordering on stifling (Yes, I know. Just wait until August) and the heat is making my ankles swell. The last thing I want to do is turn on the oven and turn out a home cooked meal but if I want any hope of sticking to my weekly meal budget, I have no choice.

I had grand plans of making this recipe (we prefer it without thyme) in the crock pot but I fell asleep while putting Ella down for her nap and when we woke up, it would never be done in time if I tried to crock pot it. I was stumped. The last thing I wanted to do was turn the oven on and bake the casserole in addition to the corn bread but I had no choice. Taco Bell wasn’t on the menu plan!

So I decided to shred the carrots to help them cook faster and put everything into my largest pot to have it simmer on very very low heat for about 45 minutes. When that was finished, I fried up the cornbread like pancakes to avoid the oven. I wasn’t sure how the cornbread cakes would turn out but they plumped up nicely! It didn’t matter that they weren’t muffins or cut into squares since we top it with the beans. Actually, I think I like it better this way!

How do you try to beat the summer heat while cooking?

4 Responses to “Meal Chatter Monday”

  1. mrssoup at 5:49 pm #

    mmmm, cornbread, no matter how it is cooked is yummy!

    We do a lot of grilling, salads and sandwiches. Items that can be served cool or cold. And those that take little to no time to make as well.

    • Dallas Ann at 9:56 am #

      I think we’re going to start breaking out the sandwiches. Aaron hates salad and we have no grill. I never thought of sandwiches as a dinner food!

  2. Jennifer at 9:42 pm #

    Grill!! You can cook most anything you would on the stove or oven on the grill. I’ll even use pots and pans. You just need to watch how hot the coals are for certain things. The other thing you can do is make food where you can do a lot of the cooking in the morning when it’s cooler, then just throw it in the microwave to warm it when it’s time to eat.

    • Dallas Ann at 9:57 am #

      I am jealous of all who have grills!

      I think I’ll start doing as much food prep in the morning as possible. it’s just miserable by 3pm here!

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