A New Perspective

29 Jun

Friday brought quite the scare.

I won’t go into all the gory details, but I was showing signs of preterm labor. At 32 weeks and 6 days, it was just too soon for Miles to decide to make an appearance! After some frantic searching, a couple friends offered to come to the house to tag team watching Ella (who was napping) while I went to my appointment. Thankfully, things calmed down and Miles is staying safely inside until it is truly time for his birth.

I realized what an amazing community of friends and support network I have in our town. How many people can say that within 3 minutes of posting on the local community message board, that a mom with 2 young children dropped everything and came to my house? Or that this same mom cooked me and my family dinner? Or that another friend who lives 5 minutes away dropped everything and drove over to stay with Ella until the other mom go here so that I could leave ASAP? Or that this friend’s husband followed behind in his car and offered to drive me, who he had never met?

Another change of perspective I received was regarding what really matters. So many things fight to pull me in all directions at the same time. Often, it’s hard to stay grounded in what really matters and give my full attention, physical and emotional, to my family. During pregnancy I often narrow my focus and shed the unnecessary. I thought this had already happened but the evens of Friday and things that followed this weekend drove home that I need even more honing to my focus. This honing began yesterday when I finally clued in and I already see such a difference in today.

Not being pulled and tugged physically or emotionally in 35 million directions allowed me to spend a few hours this early morning, fret free, with my daughter at her favorite park. I completely overdid it but it was really a beautiful time we wouldn’t have experienced without having gained my new perspective this weekend.



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