The Little Things

6 Jul

One of my back burner worries is how we would afford to cloth Miles once he grew out of my stash of gender neutral and boy clothes. They only go up to 6 months and Ella was well into that size by the time she was 4 months. Not because she was a chunky, juicy, edible baby. No, she was a chicken legged scrawny bean pole child that was (is?) too long for her own good.


I got a call from my friend Cayce on Friday. She works at a department store and she had just finished marking down the already clearanced items down yet another 40%. As an employee, she gets 20% off all her purchases as well. Her baby gift to us was buying us every single seasonally appropriate boy clothing item from 6 months to 12 months. Even though that was primarily shirts and sleepers/body suits (it was spring/summer items that were clearanced), that only leaves me with finding a few pairs of pants as he outgrows the ones I already have. Such a huge blessing.

While we were there, Ella got VERY attached to Cayce and insisted on showing Cayce all the pretty dresses that she liked. The child takes after my own heart and naturally leans towards the bold, bright colors and convinced Cayce to get her a couple sundresses. I chose 3T short sundresses that came with capris, so they’ll work this summer as dresses with bloomers and next summer as shirts and shorts. Cayce was completely taken aback by Ella’s love of all things Elmo and snuck in an Elmo blouse and skirt as well. They are too big for Ella (3T) but the child is in love. The moment we got home, she rushed to the bag, dug out her “Melmo”, stripped off her clothes and tried to get dressed. It was all I could do to convince her to take off the skirt and go to bed in the Elmo blouse. I don’t think I’ll every peel that shirt off of her!


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