Allergy appointment

10 Jul

Thank God for email reminders I plugged into my Google Calender. Otherwise I would have totally forgotten about Ella’s appointment on Monday that we’ve been waiting 4 months to go to!

In addition to your basic environmental allergies, she’s highly allergic to milk (duh), bananas, and shell fish. I asked her to be tested for shell fish because when I was exclusively nursing her, I went on a clam binge at Red Lobster one night and she had the most horrifying diaper rash that night. Then about six months later, we went back and let her have a bite of my clam strip and she broke out in these little welts all around her mouth.

Avocado, oranges, and tomatoes came up negative. HOORAY! The weird rash she gets shortly after consuming oranges and tomatoes is simply from the acidic nature of the food. As long as she doesn’t express discomfort, she’s good to go. YAY for being able to offer her the most favored fruit (aka oranges).

We came away with a bag full of swag: a practice epipen, a directional dvd on how/when to use it, TONS of brochures on food and environmental allergies, and a little zip case for the epipen that we picked up the day after her appointment. The piece of paper I’m most excited outlines exactly what to do if she consumes something she’s not suppose to have, based on her reaction(s). Now I don’t feel like I’m wallowing in the dark and afraid I’m going to cause my daughter to OD on benedryl.

In six months, we’re suppose to go back and retest the things she came up positive for this round. The only item that will be rechecked that wasn’t clearly a positive is wheat. If the doctor hadn’t known that Aaron has gluten issues, she wouldn’t have considered it a positive but considering our history she’s going to double check that at our next appointment. The doctor is very optimistic that Ella will outgrow her dairy issues by around ages 5-8, considering that she’s already able to consume products that have highly heat processed dairy in them (bread, crackers, etc). Hooray!!! It makes being dairy free so much easier knowing there is an end in sight.

allergist appointment

This is how we spent a lot of our time to ignore the “itchies” on her back. Hooray for Elmo and watermelon!


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