23 Jul

A DITL is a Day In The Life presented in pictures and captions. I thought it was a neat idea, so here’s my DITL from yesterday. Just as a warning, this is NOT dialup friendly. 🙂


I still don’t understand why there is a “good” in front of “morning”.


Showering to feel human and a bit disgruntled that the towel doesn’t fit all the way around anymore.


Feeling a bit better but still skeptical about the day.


Life gets better when I see that the husband is cooking breakfast!


Insert about 45 minutes of rush rush rush while we get ready to head out the door to my midwife appointment! Ella loves going to see Miss Sherry!


I, on the other hand, do not love all the construction we must endure to see Sherry!


My head is causing a lot of pain and we manage to get to the office with enough time to stop for caffeine.


It may not be gourmet, hand crafted specialty coffee but it meets the need for caffeine and is within budget!


Ah, the things you learn as a mother. Turning the AC on high cools down hashbrowns, french fries, and chicken nuggets very quickly.


She certainly appreciates the speed at which her hashbrown cooled down!


We spend some time in the parking lot while Ella finishes her snack, while giggling over the discovery that she can see me in the flip down mirror.


At the office, Ella insists on helping by holding the urine catch cup and coaching me while I attempt to fill it.


Not looking too bad for 36 weeks and change!


We spend some time wiggling toes and coloring.


My beloved midwife, Sherry. She caught Ella and was such an amazing support and encouragement during my birth. I couldn’t have done it without her and I can’t wait to do it again!!!


After my appointment, we play at the park for a while. Ella’s a bit unsure about all the big kids.

IMG_5750 IMG_5752


We get home and while eating lunch, I catch up on my blog reader.


Reading books before nap.


After she’s asleep, I change into some amazingly attractive clothing!


And prepare to make a mess.



2 hours later, 24 gerber prefolds (that are useless as diapers) are turned into sort of interesting burp rags.


While cleaning up, I manage a truly brilliant move and spray myself in the face with dye laden back splash. Good times to be had!

IMG_5779 IMG_5783

I finish just in time for Ella to get up from her nap and she enjoys some promised Elmo time while I eat something and enjoy some brain candy.


My reading is interrupted by a giggling girl child wanting me to nurse her baby.


After baby doll’s tummy is full, I take these items…


And turn them into a YUMMY fruit salad with a fantastic assistant chef.


After dinner, Ella tries to convince me that she can go to bed completely naked. We compromise on just a diaper.


After helping Ella go to sleep, I come out and find Aaron getting his news and political fill. We spend some time discussing his recent reads.


Before I know it, it’s time for bed and I finish out the day in the same room I began it.

Good night!


2 Responses to “A DITL”

  1. mrssoup July 23, 2009 at 10:47 am #

    I love your hair this length. It looks so great!

    And I cannot believe how high Miles is!

    Can’t wait to meet him!

    • Dallas Ann July 24, 2009 at 7:42 am #

      I like the length as well but it’s not quite long enough to pull out of my face, so I think it’s going a bit longer.

      I’m carrying him SO differently than Ella, it’s insane!

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