Thoughts on Ella

12 Aug

We’re down to the count of the last days where she will be my only baby in the house. Not that she’s a baby anymore — the self potty training, opinions on clothing, and nonstop chatter banished that notion long ago. I am so excited to see her in action as a big sister. While I’m sure that there will be moments of frustration and jealousy, I have a feeling that they will be momentary blips on the radar rather than constant battles.

Ella has hit this amazing point of development: imaginary play. She gets a grocery sack and fills it with random things, grabs her hot pink purse, puts one of her babies in the stroller and waves bye bye to everyone in the living room. More often than not, she comes running back shouting “uh oh!!” and informs us she forgot gummie snacks for the ride. What just kills me is that she is perfectly content with imagining that we are handing her packages of fruit snacks and she asks for help opening the baggies.

I think she knows the days of just Mommy and Ella are numbered. She wants to spend a lot more time snuggling together. I’m treasuring every minute of it.


My fashion expert at 21 months


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