16 Aug

Head pounding? Check.

Throat throbbing? Check.

Swollen eyes? Check.

Congested chest? Check.

Nasty nasal action? Check.

40 weeks 1 day? Check and double check.


I started getting sick last night around bedtime and I guess Aaron picked up on it because I got to sleep until 8:30 this morning. At that point, Ella had enough with the mystery of Mama behind the closed door and burst in screaming “UP MAMA. UP UP UP.” That wakeup call was smoothed over by the fact that eggs and pancakes were waiting for me.

Aaron has been simply fantastic in the parenting department today and has had Ella upstairs all morning. She LOVES going upstairs. Probably because I never take her up there. Anyway. They’re up there right now, cleaning out the craft room and turning it into “Daddy and Ella’s Room” where it will be filled with all sorts of amazing potential disasters that I don’t have the energy to supervise. Like Play-Doh, painting, and things like that. It was Aaron’s idea and I’m all for it.

I think I’m going to curl back up into the recliner now. Wake me up in time to give birth, okay?


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