Fly By

3 Sep

Aaron’s putting Ella down. Miles is nursing in such a way that doesn’t require me to hold his head. May this be a regular thing! I’m really tired of having both hands occupied while nursing. It makes it difficult to interact with Ella.

Yesterday was a bad bad bad day. As in, I called a mom in the parenting group who I had never really met (she dropped off dinner for us and that was it) in tears, begging her to let us crash on her couch for a bit since she lives within walking distance of our house. Lots of good friends are within driving distance, but I thought I’d drive the car off the road if I had to listen to Miles’s ear piercing scream from being in the carseat all the way there. Mandy was incredibly gracious and kind and even met me half way to her house to push Ella’s stroller!

I think what made yesterday SO BAD was the fact that Ella refused to nap and I hadn’t slept well the night before. I was yelling at her constantly, Miles was having a horrible day due to the dairy still being in my milk despite being about a week now without it, and everything was rubbing me wrong. Today, Ella actually napped and the boy child and I napped with her for an hour and a half! He woke up then, so I got up with him and she slept for almost an hour after that!

Then Jenn came over, held Miles, played with Ella while I got some laundry going, dinner in the crock pot, and 3/4 of Ella’s toys (that she never plays with) packed away. Even though the living room is still messy, it seems SO much more manageable without all the extra plastic crap strewn around. I don’t mind picking up things she actually enjoys playing with. It’s the things she finds and throws around for fun and fits that kills me.

I even got 15 minutes in the bathroom to shower without anyone knocking on the door.

THAT was more than I’ve accomplished in 4 weeks. I feel so much more emotionally rejuvenated now that I don’t feel like a total slob/bump on a log.

To top it off, I’ve almost made it through the first full week of Aaron being back to work.

Even better, next week is a short week because he gets Monday off for Labor Day!

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