I just want to get groceries!

14 Oct

Two children under two years of age. It’s a teetering house of cards on the best of days. Bad days are akin to trying to build a house on quicksand. as it stands now, I’m typing this one-handed while nursing Miles and Ella is “washing dishes”in the kitchen where I can see her.

Most things are like this these days. Attempting activities one handed while juggling two or three other things with the other. It’s an adventure, let me tell you.

Once upon a time, grocery shopping use to be an annoyance. Then I use to think think getting to the grocery store with just Ella was a challenge. It was at times, but nothing like it is now. Trying to balance everyone’s naps (which don’t line up, of course), meal times, dodging rain downpours, and anything else that may crop up makes it near impossible. For some reason, going to the grocery store didn’t happen this weekend when Aaron was home so here it is Wednesday (again!) without any grocery shopping done. My pantry is looking rather woeful and there are no eggs in the refrigerator. I’m praying that when Miles wakes up from his nap, there will be enough time to dash out the door to the store before the school buses emerge to clog the roadways.

Well, dash as well as one can with a toddler in hand, wearing a newborn, and a diaper bag along for the ride.

Sometimes, I get really frustrated with the pace (or lack there of) that my life has taken. Things take immense planning and then there has to be contingency plans. I’m always forgetting things, too. It became very clear to me how often that happens just the other day. Ella has begun to have imaginary play. She packed up her purse, got on her beep beep car and told me she was going grocery shopping. Suddenly she jumped up and said “Oh no! No snacks! Right back!”. She ran to her toy box, grabbed imaginary snacks and got back on her little car.

Just in case you didn’t catch that, it’s become a regular occurrence for me to get EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in the car to suddenly remember I forgot the most important thing of all — snacks! They keep the peace and by warding off the grumpies.

Oh hey! I had more to say but Miles is awake! I’m going to read the story I’ve been promising to Ella, then pack the diaper bag (with snacks), wrestle clothes on my nudist of a daughter, and attempt to make it out the door before school lets out.

Who am I kidding? My goal should be to make it home before dinner.

Either way, wish me luck!

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