Children See, Children Do

15 Oct

This very short video always haunts me every time I watch it. Even more now that I have a young child who is mimicking everything I do, down to the smallest detail. Remember the forgetting snacks episode I talked about?

On the way home from getting groceries yesterday, we hit some serious road construction and it took me almost a half hour to get through one intersection. Have I mentioned that Miles HATES the carseat? Well, he does. He hates it with the burning passion of ten thousand suns. It’s horrible. During this time of helpless stop and go, he’s shrieking and screaming. It was all I could do to not just shout back to let out my frustration as well!

Instead, I remembered the snacks and the short video. I called back to Miles, saying that we were heading home, I was going just as fast as I could and that I was so sorry he was so upset in his carseat. After saying those phrases a few times, I suddenly heard a sweet little voice saying the same words I was, mimicking my tone of voice and vocal inflection perfectly. The syllables weren’t perfect and not all the words were there, but you could tell she had been listening to my response and was desperate to copy it.

On one level, I’m so happy she is such a compassionate child and looks to me for her cues. On another level, I’m absolutely terrified. It’s like being the star of a reality television show being watched 24/7. But instead of fading from the limelight a season or two from now, I will come under even heavier scrutiny. Instead of simply having a million dollars at stake, I have the character of a human being to mold.

It is such a heavy burden. A scary burden. But I know that with the partnership of Aaron, support of my community, and reliance on God, it will be okay.


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