A Bus Adventure

16 Oct

A few days ago, I was about to loose my mind. Things were crazy around the house with the kids and we needed to GET OUT. But Miles hates hates hates the carseat and I couldn’t really handle him screaming all the way to our destination. I was wistfully wishing I could just wear him in our baby carrier while driving when I saw the bus trundle. An idea was spawned and I emailed my friend who is a bus riding pro. The next day we went on our bus adventure and I took a few pictures to illustrate our trip.

Bus Adventuring

We live about a block from the bus stop and Ella felt like SUCH a big girl walking next to me instead of holding my hand.

Bus Adventuring

The transportation of choice for the boy child.

Bus Adventuring

We arrive and are about twelve minutes early.

Bus Adventuring

I quickly learned that this is about ten minutes too early for a toddler.

Bus Adventuring

So we waited.

Bus Adventuring

During that wait, I quickly learned a new nursing trick.

Bus Adventuring

And she waits some more.

Bus Adventuring

You should have heard the excited shouts from Ella when the bus finally turned the corner. You would have thought the ice cream truck was coming!

Unfortunately, there aren’t any other pictures of our adventure because once we got on the bus it was just too much to figure out how to keep Ella in her seat and juggle the camera. We had a good time and our bus goes right past our library! How exciting is that?

Even though I didn’t find my mind on the bus, we sure did have fun looking for it and spending time with our friend as she showed us the ropes of bus travel.


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