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For The Record

14 Oct

While I didn’t forget snacks this grocery trip, I did forget the car keys. Good thing I accidentally left the front door unlocked…

I just want to get groceries!

14 Oct

Two children under two years of age. It’s a teetering house of cards on the best of days. Bad days are akin to trying to build a house on quicksand. as it stands now, I’m typing this one-handed while nursing Miles and Ella is “washing dishes”in the kitchen where I can see her.

Most things are like this these days. Attempting activities one handed while juggling two or three other things with the other. It’s an adventure, let me tell you.

Once upon a time, grocery shopping use to be an annoyance. Then I use to think think getting to the grocery store with just Ella was a challenge. It was at times, but nothing like it is now. Trying to balance everyone’s naps (which don’t line up, of course), meal times, dodging rain downpours, and anything else that may crop up makes it near impossible. For some reason, going to the grocery store didn’t happen this weekend when Aaron was home so here it is Wednesday (again!) without any grocery shopping done. My pantry is looking rather woeful and there are no eggs in the refrigerator. I’m praying that when Miles wakes up from his nap, there will be enough time to dash out the door to the store before the school buses emerge to clog the roadways.

Well, dash as well as one can with a toddler in hand, wearing a newborn, and a diaper bag along for the ride.

Sometimes, I get really frustrated with the pace (or lack there of) that my life has taken. Things take immense planning and then there has to be contingency plans. I’m always forgetting things, too. It became very clear to me how often that happens just the other day. Ella has begun to have imaginary play. She packed up her purse, got on her beep beep car and told me she was going grocery shopping. Suddenly she jumped up and said “Oh no! No snacks! Right back!”. She ran to her toy box, grabbed imaginary snacks and got back on her little car.

Just in case you didn’t catch that, it’s become a regular occurrence for me to get EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in the car to suddenly remember I forgot the most important thing of all — snacks! They keep the peace and by warding off the grumpies.

Oh hey! I had more to say but Miles is awake! I’m going to read the story I’ve been promising to Ella, then pack the diaper bag (with snacks), wrestle clothes on my nudist of a daughter, and attempt to make it out the door before school lets out.

Who am I kidding? My goal should be to make it home before dinner.

Either way, wish me luck!

Wordless Wednesday

14 Oct


Fall Fun

12 Oct

We went to Tanner’s Orchard yesterday. It was cold and breezy but Ella managed to stay warm due to her multiple layers of clothing. Tights, jeans, socks, under shirt, heavy sweater, and winter jacket.

Their petting zoo had the craziest and most awesome set up for their goats. There were pathways for the goats to climb up onto the roof and into a tree house! It was so funny to watch Ella looking around then flip out in excitement over seeing a goat above her. They even had a pulley and bucket system for visitors to feed the goats that were in the tree house. My favorite part of the set up was the troll that was perched under a path way.

She was tired of pictures at this point

Goat tree house

She was licked!

Hungry Troll!!!!

Nice seat


You can’t hear it, but she’s answering my questions and laughs with excitement!

Wordless Wednesday

7 Oct


Being worn by mama at the park on Monday.

A Letter To Miles

5 Oct

Note: I wrote a letter to Ella around her sixth week of life and will write one on each birthday. They’re stored in a special box I got for her while I was pregnant. I plan on doing the same for Miles, though I haven’t found the perfect box yet. I can see what I want in my mind’s eye but am unable to find it.

Dear Miles,

It’s so hard to believe that six weeks have already passed. Time is flying. Between the business of general life and your big sister’s antics, sometimes I feel like you just fall to the wayside. You’re such a chill little dude most of the time, I can just pop you into a sling or wrap and chase Ella. Because of this, I really treasure what your daddy and I have dubbed “Angry Baby Time” or ABT. From about 5:00pm until 10:00, you fuss, squirm, and sometimes bellow your head right off. Daddy takes care of Ella and I take care of you. You and I crawl into the big bed together and sing, rock, jiggle, nurse, and sing some more. Then, when you’re peaceful, I heave a sigh of relief and snuggle you while I watch a bit of television.

Your entrance into this world was a struggle for me. It was a hard birth. After we got home from the hospital, I cried about it while nursing you. Now that I have gotten to know you so much better, I would go through much worse to have you in my arms. I had been told that there is just something different about having a son. I wasn’t so sure I believed those folks, especially since their firstborns had been boys. But they’re right. This is NOT to say that I love you more than I love your older sister. It’s just the love is… different. There are different kinds of strings attaching my heart to you than what connect me to your sister. I am really cherishing these differences and am seeing just exactly how a mother’s love expands to accommodate each new child.

Already you are such a little person. Our “little man”, as we like to say. In general, you are very laid back. You don’t express your opinion about much but when you do, the world had better watch out! Your carseat seems to be getting the brunt of your opinion expression lately. You are such a peaceful boy and I am so incredibly grateful for that.

Everyone says you look like me or at least my side of the family. I have a hard time seeing it, so it will be very interesting to watch you grow up. Will you look like Mommy or Daddy or simply yourself? I’m tossing my hat in with the idea that you will simply look like Miles. No more, no less. Maybe a touch of me or your daddy here or there, but primarily Miles.

I love you so much. I can’t wait to see the child then man you become.

With love,


A Day In My Life

2 Oct


Good morning, world.

IMG_6130 IMG_6131

Those 5 precious minutes in the bathroom? They turned out to be my only moments of peace the entire day.

IMG_6132 IMG_6133

I work some magic in the kitchen.


I decide to tempt fate and give some decaf coffee a try.


Where Miles has been this entire time.


Naked girl wants to be like Mama and wash dishes.


I take advantage of her distraction and vacuum.


mmmm sweet nectar of life.


Shoot my mom off an email after some internet sleuthing.


Ella loves the illustrations in this book. So do I. Love makes you real.


We head out for a walk.


He sleeps the whole way.


No clue what she’s doing here, but she giggles 3 whole blocks like this.


Our destination.


Noming a shared muffin and feeling like a big girl with a special water cup.


She blows off some steam while I recover from the mile walk. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as it was a few weeks ago.


Sadly, Emo’s is now closed for the season. Someone is renting the lot to sell pumpkins, though.


This never fails to make me giggle.


Autumn has arrived! Our walk home is so pretty.


While the little girl naps, I get applesauce started and water boiling for my lunch.



Alas, nap time did not last nearly long enough, so we share some quiet time together on the couch.




Cookie baking time!


Little fingers help peel garlic for the soup.


While the soup simmers, I update my blog.


He stays parked outside my house just long enough to concern me. The moment I snapped this picture, he drove off.


Maybe he was concerned for the little man’s safety. I swear she’s going to kill him with her love.


The husband arrives and rescues me like the hero he is. Hooray!


I leave him to fend for himself while I hop in the shower for 15 blissful minutes.


I watch some TV at in bed while Aaron puts Ella down for bed because I’m suddenly feeling horrible. Turns out I have a fever and end up going to sleep before 8pm. Thankfully Miles cooperated and we were both out like lights.

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