Battening The Hatches

5 Nov

Aaron was laid off yesterday.

We’ve known for about a week that this was coming. During that time, I was okay. Now that it’s a reality? Not so much. I’m struggling to find words to express my emotions at this time. I have a constant headache, I’m worried and trying to figure out what more exactly we can cut back.

It’s so hard to remember that God has promised us to always keep us with clothes, shelter, and food. It’s so hard to just let go and let God. I’m fighting the phrase “God helps those who help themselves”. The struggle to find a balance with letting God do his thing and I doing what needs to be done is quite a battle. Sometimes it’s a moment by moment fight.

We are blessed with an amazing community of friends and acquaintances. I shared our situation with them and Aaron’s idea to work as a handy man to bring a cash flow into our home to supplement unemployment. So far, Aaron is really busy and working hard! He’s has odd jobs all through this week and part of next. Between his jobs for friends, unemployment and our savings, should be okay until Aaron can land a job.

It’s just a matter of aligning my mind’s knowledge and my heart’s fears. I hope this happens soon.


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