In Fact, I Am NOT A Man With An Enlarged Prostate Gland!

6 Nov

I’ve been having kidney stone issues, as I’ve mentioned before. My doctor ordered a CAT scan and discovered five small and one almost too large to pass on my own. He spoke with a urologist and they agreed that it is VERY odd that I have so many, esp with being on a dairy free diet. So I have an appointment scheduled for about a week from now to see the urologist to discuss blood results and what could be causing these stones to form.

In the meantime, I am suppose to be on a medication to break down the stones so I do not experience another horrible kidney stone attack. Dr. C called in the prescription to the pharmacy just before business hours ended this evening and I sent Aaron after dinner to pick it up.

As it turns out, this medication is marketed as a treatment for men with enlarged prostates. I was denied the medication since I do not meet these necessary requirements. I nearly died laughing when Aaron told me since as I was nursing Miles during all of this. Uh, yeah, good to know my insurance agrees with my view of life. Though it is rather frustrating that in attempts to avoid medical fraud, they are denying clients treatment they need.

So here’s to hoping that Dr. C will be able to convince the higher ups to approve the medication tomorrow. In the mean time, I’m glad it provided me with the opportunity to laugh myself silly.


One Response to “In Fact, I Am NOT A Man With An Enlarged Prostate Gland!”

  1. mrssoup November 6, 2009 at 11:52 am #

    Oh man, that is hilarious. Gotta love off-brand use!

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