Friday the 13th

13 Nov

I’m not the superstitious sort. However, when I have days like THIS on Friday the 13th, I begin to wonder if there’s something to it.

Aaron and I picked at each this morning. We never do this.

Miles AND Ella both cried all the way to the playdate.

The toddler gym that we were meeting at was randomly closed.

Ella sobbed and screamed all the way to our next destination because she wanted to play with her friends.

Miles cried so hard he puked.

Once we got to our alternative place for a playdate, all three of us cried in the car for a few minutes.

On the way home from the playdate, my daughter shoved a rock up her nostril.

Said rock fell into a nasal cavity and I count my blessings that I was able to get it out without a trip to the ER.

My normally sweet and loving cat totally scratched up the face of my friend’s six month daughter.

It was the first time said friend was over.

I didn’t cook enough dinner.

Daughter wouldn’t eat any of her dinner.

Thank God today is almost over. I think I’m going to bed early to avoid anything else.


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