Oy Vey

14 Nov

What a day

What a day. I can’t tell if Ella is getting sick, freaking out from refusing to nap, or a combination of both. Either way, today has been rough. We spent some one on one time in our Mei Tai and that helped calm her down a bit but she’s still rather fried. Which causes me to feel like burnt toast. Of course, Miles picks up on that and he’s been having a tizzy of a day. All in all, it’s been a challenge.

And we almost lost Baby Abby today. It was almost as traumatic as when I had to flag the bus driver down because Baby Abby was left in our seat.

Through it all, Aaron’s been a trooper and helping how however I ask him to.

On a completely different topic, I don’t use umbrellas. They have always seemed weird, awkward, and just one more thing for me to haul around. Besides, what are you suppose to do with it when you go into a department store? I always manage to get the clothes wet somehow by brushing my umbrella against them no matter how hard I try.

Also, I was born in Seattle. Natives of the Seattle area just don’t use them. When you see folks using umbrellas, you know they were either transplanted to Seattle or are tourists. I assume this is why my mom uses an umbrella. She’s not from Washington State. Or, it could just be that she’s more graceful and mindful of where the umbrella is than I am.

But if I had THIS umbrella? I just might use it. I find it rather hilarious. The video at the bottom of the site shows it in action.


One Response to “Oy Vey”

  1. mrssoup November 16, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

    Poor baby. 😦

    That is the coolest umbrella though!

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