I Take It Back

16 Nov

I’ve been encouraging Ella to share things with her friends. Telling her how happy her friends are when she shares. How kind it is when she shares and how her friends will want to play with her more when she shares.

I take it back. I take it all back.

She has lovingly shared her cold with me. Not just any cold, but a mutant cold from the dark side. To make matters worse, we’re all traveling by air to visit my family for Thanksgiving and we’re leaving in one week. Once upon a time, I would down a couple Tylenol Cold and Sinus, drink my weight in OJ, and sleep it off. Now I don’t have that luxgery. I’ve been using a netti pot, taking vitamins, hot showers and I managed to take a quick cat nap. I can’t drink OJ since that bothers Miles, cold meds impact my milk supply and sleeping it off is just a fond memory of days gone by.

Any suggestions on how to kick this thing early? What are you tried and true cold killers?


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