Writer’s block

5 Jan

Or maybe an emotional block?

There seems to so many things I want to say, but I can’t find the words. It’s like something is standing in the way, clogging up the flow from my heart and mind to my fingers. My perfectionist tendency (regarding my writing) is rearing its ugly head. For example, I’ve started, stopped, and then deleted the previous three sentences eight times. I feel like if I don’t have the time to do it “right”, then I shouldn’t even try to do it at all.


We’re suppose to get snowed in starting Wednesday night, so hopefully I’ll get some down time to write then. Even though there are places go to, things to do, and people to see, we won’t be able to do any of those things!


One Response to “Writer’s block”

  1. mrssoup January 6, 2010 at 6:28 pm #

    Deep breaths. Remember, your words are awesome, even if they aren’t perfect in your mind! ❤

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