A Day In Our Life (aka a DITL)

14 Jan

O'dark early aka 5:30am

It’s what time and why are we up?


5:30am is MUCH to early to try and explain to Ella WHY she isn’t successful when standing up to potty like Daddy and why Mommy just can’t fix it.


I decide to run the risk of showering while being the only adult home with both children awake .


They seemed to survive.


I certainly feel more human and have a happy moment when I put on my outfit found completely at the second hand shop.


We have a quick breakfast.


Then I take this disaster…


And turn it around.


There’s a bit of this.


And I’m persuaded to leave my house.


Which means we have to get dressed. Bummer.


We get to playdate early.


But that soon changes.


Back home again, Ella naps and Miles and I rock the back carry.



Taking advantage of the back-happy baby, I make some bread for dinner.

Post nap nursing

Girlie wakes up needing a little special snuggle time.

Bounce bounce

While Miles discovers if he thrashes his legs wildly, he can make his seat bounce.


The bread rises for the second time in the warm dishwasher.

Making sure it tasted right

Making certain the cookie dough tastes right.

Daddy Time

Daddy comes home from his second day at the new job (after being laid off for two months) and entertains the kiddos while I finish up the soup. I ❤ the fact he gets home at 4pm!


We have homemade “Cream” of Broccoli soup (no dairy, used raw cashews to add creaminess) with the Rosemary Bread. YUM.

Kisses Goodnight

After dinner clean up, we pucker up and exchange kisses goodnight!


One Response to “A Day In Our Life (aka a DITL)”

  1. mrssoup January 15, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    Oh man, happy Miles is happy!

    And Ella is getting so big…..gorgeous!

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