Really Quick Here…

19 Jan

Aaron’s new work schedule is kind of on the brutal side. Ella is woken up when he starts moving around the house, which is at 3:30! I’m lucky if I can get her back to sleep most mornings. So I spend most mornings trying to keep her peaceful in bed until 6:30 while trying to keep Miles asleep. Because of this, I always nap when she naps. This was previously my time to write. Ugh. I’m trying to figure out a new balance and haven’t quite found it yet.

In brief:

  • Miles will be five months old this month!
  • I have this insanely strong desire to go to Haiti and nurse all those starving babies. Or at least pump for them. I have a supply that could feed a small nation and to know I have so much and can do NOTHING just about kills me. Even if I had the physical ability to go, I don’t think I would. I would be eating food and drinking water that would be better served going elsewhere and I would just get in the way since I don’t speak the language. The whole situation is so heartbreaking. Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and those tied to them.
  • Ella is exploding verbally more every day. I nearly died with laughter the other day when I heard her little squeaky voice say, “Hoewey Tow!” (Holy Cow).
  • We are eating almost exclusively vegan these days, thanks to my grandma’s Christmas gifts of cookbooks. I am really enjoying this new adventure and want to talk about it more!
  • *sigh* I need to go now. Ella has been awake since 3:30 and is already having her first meltdown. And no early nap or morning nap for us — I have my first new Bible study gathering of the new year in an hour or so.
    Hope we survive.

One Response to “Really Quick Here…”

  1. mrssoup at 2:50 pm #

    I really hope you get your balance figured out!

    Love you.

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