Taste Bud Party

15 Feb

I wanted to share some recipes that have completely knocked our socks off that are really simple. As in, so simple even Aaron could do it. That’s saying something, folks. This is the guy who can botch a box of macaroni and cheese. I’m not saying anything he hasn’t said a million times over, so no worries. 🙂

First, we tried this fantastic pasta sauce. I was really skeptical at first. Tomatoes, butter, and an onion. Not even a diced onion at that! How could it be good without garlic or even a little bit of basil? I am so glad I didn’t try and doctor it up. This pasta sauce? Is amazing. Fabulous. Stunning in it’s simplicity and delicious taste. It’s now my go to recipe for pasta sauce and is budget friendly, too. Try it and be amazed!

And then last night we had Lebanese Chicken and Rice. I have seen this recipe floating around my circle of friends for ages and I always gave it the stink eye. Cinnamon? Butter? Instant rice? Boy, was I wrong. I can’t believe I’ve been depriving my family of this for so long. One batch was NOT enough for us and I’ll have to double it next time. Next time being very soon. Probably this upcoming weekend since it is lickity split fast and easy to make. Perfect for the long days while Aaron is at work.

Lebanese Chicken and Rice

2 lb boneless chicken breast
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 tsp cinnamon
2 1/2 c. instant rice
1/2 stick butter

Boil chicken in water to cook (about 20 min.)
Remove chicken from water and pull into small pieces.
Strain water through coffee filter and save. (I used a fine mesh sieve)
Cook rice in strained water. Use the amount specified by the direction on the box of rice Add salt, pepper, cinnamon, & butter.
When rice is completely cooked, mix in chicken and serve.

I served it with corn and it was delicious. Ella literally licked her plate clean.

How about you? Have you tried a new dish that has completely surprised you?


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