Childhood dreams

19 Feb

Growing up, we would watch the Lawrence Welk Show on Sunday evenings on our local PBS station. I honestly had no clue that they were all old reruns. I would daydream about Mr. Welk dancing with me during the audience floor dance session. My skills and grace would knock his socks off and he would invite me to join the group. I would spend episodes studying what colors Lawrence Welk seemed to wear the most, since I thought that would indicate his favorite color. If I was wearing a dress in his preferred color, he would notice me.

Or so I thought until I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to audition for the show or at least watch it live. At which point she shattered my dreams by explaining it had been off the air for years. I remember crying later that night and writing furiously in my diary about how I planned to petition to have the show brought back on the air. We all know how well THAT worked!

How about you? Did you have any ambitions growing up that wasn’t actually possible? Wanting to be an astronaut doesn’t count because that could be possible!


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