We Have A Date!

26 Feb

Ella’s sleep struggles have just been getting worse, so her pediatrician got her on a wait list to be seen at a pediatric sleep clinic in Chicago. I was told it could be six months until we even get to set a date to be seen. We’ve been praying that this would change and Ella would be seen well before Miles turns one!

Well, our prayers were answered and we have our sleep study scheduled for March 30th and the follow up appointment on April 21st. Not ideally close but it’s SO much better than waiting until August!

Now I’m having to muddle through phone trees and voice mail to get more specific details. It’s frustrating for me that there isn’t just ONE person who has answers. I have to call the specialist’s nurse to find out about medications, I left a message at the actual sleep clinic to discuss Ella’s actual bedtime vs their “lights out” time, and yet another message with someone about getting a child life specialist to work with us.

Phew. Looking back at that paragraph, knowing there is also more to do, I’m kind of glad I’ve got a few weeks to work everything out!

One Response to “We Have A Date!”

  1. Mrs Soup at 12:26 pm #

    YAY!! SO GLAD!

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