TV Detox Benefits

27 Feb

We’ve been on TV detox for a week now and things have been going splendidly. I also removed any toys that were not open ended toys, with the exception of her “laptop” which she love and uses her imagination while playing. The benefits have been fabulous! Ella has been playing on her own, there has been less whining, and when the TV is on (while I put Miles down for his morning nap), she actually watches it and enjoys her 30 minute show.

Another benefit? TV is a huge novelty now and since I woke up this morning sicker than a dog, it’s been on for a couple hours now. We’ve watched Blues Clues and are now on to The Wiggles. She’s so focused to The Wiggles, following their instructions to dance and sing with them. At least she’s getting exercise? And it’s hilarious entertainment watching her try to dance the Polka.

To keep my mind off my rolling stomach, I’ve been window shopping at ModCloth and surfing Flickr, where I found this fabulous dino set.


3 Responses to “TV Detox Benefits”

  1. Helena February 28, 2010 at 12:05 pm #

    I’m curious–what made you decide to make the change with the toys? And do you think these changes are due to the reduction in TV watching or the changes in toys? I’m trying to convince my husband that we can/should cut back on TV as a family, but so far he’s not really into the idea. When Katrina and I are home by ourselves, though, we keep it off, which helps.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    • Dallas Ann February 28, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

      I think the change is because of both. Kids in general get overwhelmed and don’t know what to play with when there are a ton of toys. We had a ton of toys that required batteries, made overstimulating noise, had flashing lights, etc. The toys could practically play with themselves and required little to no imagination. The TV is also bright, overstimulating, and generally keeps kids in a sedentary state. I’ve found that Ella gets really wild, rambunctious and has a hard time listening after prolonged TV time and I’ve noticed the same thing when she exclusively plays with the loud, single use toys.

      We’ve kept out all toys that have more than one use like Legos, baby dolls, magnadoodles, soft toy cars and other similar things. When Ella builds something with the Legos or draws something, I ask her to tell me about it and the things she is coming up with are so fun! Just now she showed me this random Lego creation and she said it was where the birds lived. Yesterday, she put on her red sparkle dress up shoes, wrapped a silky scarf around her neck, and asked me for a bag because she was going shopping.

      So I feel that by cutting down on her options, making sure the options that remain offer a wide range of possibilities, and removing obnoxious stimulation, it has helped facilitate this emotional change. Not to say she doesn’t have bad days. Today is a rough day because we’ve all been up since 5:45 and nap has to be late today. So she’s rough around the edges.

      These were two articles that read that helped me decide to make the switch in the toy department.

      That one is sales pitch-y with specific brand names, but it gives some ideas.

      This article is fun and helps explain the idea behind loose parts for children’s playtime.

      Another plus to having the TV off is that we can listen to music. Sometimes we listen to music I especially enjoy and other times we listen to the “Toddler Time” station on She really likes that!

      So sorry. Probably WAY more information than you ever wanted. ha!

      • Helena March 2, 2010 at 10:29 am #

        Not at all, so much info is great. Thank you for taking the time to give such a detailed reply! I’ll check out those links you posted, and I may also be taking a closer look at some of the toys in the toy box. Thanks!

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