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Things I Love

14 Feb

Valentine 2010

♥ Baby kisses
♥ Lemon zest
♥ Chocolate
♥ Little voices saying “I wuv you”
♥ That little shudder and sigh as children slip into deep sleep
♥ Warm rain
♥ Tuesday nights
♥ Knitting
♥ The smell of the sea
♥ Autumn leaves
♥ Jack Johnson
♥ My husband
♥ Love Actually
♥ Bach
♥ Sparrow tattoos
♥ The coffee aisle
♥ Reading
♥ Science Fiction
♥ Kitchen Aid mixers
♥ Cast Iron
♥ Well fitted clothes
♥ Blogging
♥ Trying new recipes
♥ My children
♥ Steaming hot showers
♥ Licorice Tea
♥ Old fashioned earrings
♥ Talking
♥ Hugs

And so much more…


13 Feb


Remind me this summer, when I’m moaning about the heat and humidity, how much it sucks to be stuck inside with two children during the bitter cold of winter.

Moments ~ As Parents

12 Feb

We stopped at a traffic light one night. I was riding in the car as Aaron drove. A mini van stoped next to us and it had one of those dvd players that drop down from the ceiling playing a Blue’s Clues episode. Aaron and I both exclaimed at the same time, “It’s Snack Time Playdate! Together, we burst into hysterical laughter as we reached a new level of parenting: Being able to identify a child’s favorite television episode an entire car away.


One morning found Ella and I mixing up breakfast muffins. All the tins were filled and we were waiting for the oven to finish preheating. I stepped out of the kitchen, leaving Ella with a bowl that held about two muffins worth of batter.

A few minutes later, I rounded the corner into the kitchen and found that Ella had pulled out a pie pan and had scooped out all the batter and spread it around the pan. My first instinct was to scold her and express my frustration over her wasting potential food. Instead, I took a breath and a step back and asked what she was doing. Ella explained that she was making “Uffins for Dada’s breakfast”. Boy, was I glad I hadn’t rushed into the situation and unintentionally discouraged her giving spirit.

So together, we finished spreading out the batter and popped the pie tin in with the muffin tin. It came out like a muffin pancake and she was SO proud to give it to her daddy that night when he came home.


Once upon a time, I had a lot of ideas of what a good date would involve. Good food, concerts, movies, etc. None of those concepts included partying it up in the housewares department of T.J. Max. But that’s where I found myself with Aaron this week, savoring my time with him completely child free. We fingered sheets, played with pots and pans, tried on hats, and played house. We laughed. We joked. We had fun.

Having fun is something we had been missing in our relationship. Once we rediscovered it together, our parenting skills improved, communication abounds, and situations seem so less dire.

Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Wordless Wednesday

10 Feb

Channeling The Stepfords

Channeling The Stepfords

Tell It To Me Tuesday

9 Feb

I’m participating in Jade Keller’s challenge on her “Tell It To Me Tuesday” post where she asks what is is like to feel another life inside of you.

Early on, it was filled with awe and a bit of shock. Yes, the positive pregnancy test, nausea, and appetite changes are obvious signs of pregnancy but it never seemed quite real until that first flutter brushed against me. The very first time I ever experienced a baby move inside of me, I thought it was my cell phone vibrating! When I reached down to pull it out of my pocket, I realized I didn’t have any pockets. Stopping what I was doing out of shock, I covered the movement with my hand and whispered, “Hello, baby”.

At the end of pregnancy, the active kicks, constant head butting, and shifting around was met with a wry smile. Often times, I would push back on baby limb that was causing a bulge through my skin to encourage the baby to give me a break. Sometimes it would cause so much pain that I would wish for labor so that the end would be in sight. By evening time though, wishes for labor was replaced with the original sense of awe and wonder because the baby would respond physically to the verbal conversation I was holding with her.

What Is This??

8 Feb

What is this? Seriously?

(in case that didn’t show up on your Google Reader, come on over here and watch!)

The very next evening, he was actually crawling purposely around the living room. Ella FREAKED OUT when he got into her special ponies. I’m not ready for this. Not one bit.

And then this weekend? He popped his third tooth, but not just any tooth. It was his EYETOOTH. At least, I think it is. It’s either his eyetooth or the tooth between the front and the eyetooth. But to be honest, it really doesn’t matter which one it is — he looks like a baby vampire. Which if we were rolling like Bella and Edward, his name would be Joneven (John + Steven). It really chaps my hide since I’m totally Team Jacob.

Oh well. It will take a lot more to diminish my love for this snaggle toothed boy.

Spotlight: Valentines Day Special

6 Feb

I considered waiting until the 13th to post these, but figured I should give those who are short on ideas some inspiration.

Dress up any selection of flowers with this cute DIY vase.

How about making some baked goods for friends and packaging them using this or this design?

Or coffee in bed with a message to your sweetie?

If coffee isn’t your thing, try these tea bag covers.

These are darling printable valentines!

Here’s a cute idea for napkins if you’re having a themed party.

Garner some inspiration for your own cards from these vintage pieces. OR just print one out. Don’t worry, it’s legal. 🙂

If you want to give flowers but have cats who will eat bouquets (like ours), take a look at these lovely earrings.

Under Construction

5 Feb

Things are a bit messy around here right now. Attempting to spiffy things up around here and should be done (hopefully!) by Tuesday(ish).

Many thanks to Mrs. Soup for her guidance during this process!

Swing of Things

5 Feb

In the past, I’ve written blog posts over the weekend and scheduled them to be posted at various times during the week. This kept me free to parent the kids, make meals, run errands, and anything else during the week while Aaron was at work.

NOW my entire schedule is turned on its head. Aaron works Friday – Sunday for 12 hours each day. These are the days I run around town, catch up on things and am on my own with the kids. By the time he gets home at 6pm, we are all really tired and go to bed fairly early. Which means no time for writing blog posts.

My hope is that next week I can have some dedicated writing time during the week, like I use to during the weekend. Then I can get back into the swing of things when it comes to posting. I miss writing!

The Beginning of Validation

3 Feb

I have felt in my gut for over a year that Ella has sleep issues beyond that of a typical toddler. Severe sleep resistance, no tired signals until she was melting down, not being able to sleep more than twenty minutes at a time… I have a HUGE list of all her struggles, what we have done to try and help, what has failed, and what sort of works.

Today, I spoke with her pediatrician at length about what we have been doing. This was a follow up appointment to her 2 year check up where I brought up the issues (again) and a phone call following the check up. At this point, we had done EVERYTHING he had suggested in addition to our own research. He had one final suggestion and has asked us to give it two weeks. If things don’t get drastically better by the end of those 14 days, he is going to refer us to specialists at a pediatric hospital in Chicago for a consult and sleep study.

What makes me smile is that his suggestion was to bring her back to our bedroom and have a good old fashioned family bed. We’re going to get an extra full size bed from a friend and set it up next to our king size bed so that there is enough room for the bed hogging toddler, a nursing baby boy, c-pap using husband, and cover hogging mama. I really like cosleeping and am glad to have Aaron’s support in bringing Ella back to bed with everyone. She has been sleeping in her own room with Aaron for months now. He was kind of resistant to the idea at first (I suggested it a few months ago) but is now supportive since our pediatrician encouraged us. And Aaron agrees that it’s certainly less stressful to reestablish full family bed sharing than to drive for hours to Chicago and stay overnight in a strange hospital to run tests.

This is such an emotional relief for me. I have felt so lost, so unsure, so doubtful. I’ve known in my heart that something is NOT RIGHT. I’ve been in tears from frustration over her lack of sleep, my lack of sleep and all the fall out from the sleep deprivation. Having a medical professional confirm my thoughts, validate my concerns and SEE where my thought process is going. I feel like I have a whole new outlook now that there is a PLAN.

Even if the family bed sharing doesn’t pan out and the specialists in Chicago say, “So sorry but she’s just at the end of the curve that sucks”, I’ll have much more peace about the whole thing. I will know, without a doubt, that I have done EVERYTHING in my power to  help her.

Well, everything short of benadryl every night. The only night she’s slept all the way through was when she had benadryl for an allergic reaction.

So yes. This is where we are at. We would appreciate prayers as we work through yet another transition.

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