Creative space

27 Mar

I need a place to work. To sew. To write. To knit. Maybe even to read! It needs to be a calm atmosphere, with only my things. No burp rags, bouncy seats, or legos. I need a haven, a creative place to unwind and let go. I’ve tried to carve out a little place at the kitchen table or in the computer area but it gets overwhelmed with regular life. Bills, playdoh crumbs, and naked baby dolls stage a coup and before I know it, they have taken over.

There is an extra room upstairs that is calling my name. It has a sloped ceiling, soft carpet, natural light and a door with a lock. It has clutter and two unused desks that Aaron has claimed for his ham radio hobby. I have the entire room planned out in my mind. I’ve been storing away empty canisters from the kitchen to recycle into organizational bins. Now I just need to see this plan into action.

My goal for this upcoming week is to have Aaron move the desks down to the basement and for me to get the rest of the clutter organized and put in the appropriate place (aka the trash). Once that happens, it’s just a matter of getting the room set up to be functional. After that is all accomplished, the truly hard part comes: finding the time to get up there. Thankfully, Aaron is willing to make that happen. We’re still hashing out the details, but I think we’ll figure out something soon.


The bathtub has become Ella’s preferred creative space. She’s been favoring painting lately and having her create in the bathtub is a lot less hassle.

How about you? Do you have a creative space?

2 Responses to “Creative space”

  1. Helena at 8:39 am #

    That’s really great that you have a space with potential! I theoretically have a desk in our “office”–which also ends up being a catch-all room, and is also my husband’s “man room” because I didn’t want deer antlers and other assorted paraphernalia hanging up in the main part of the house where I’d have look it in the eye every day. Unfortunately, that makes me veyr unlikely to spend any time in there at “my” desk–I just sit at the kitchen table whenever I need to do something. Someday, if we end up moving to a bigger house, I hope to have a little corner to myself somewhere.

    Hope you were able to start getting your room cleared out and set up!

    • Dallas Ann at 8:38 am #

      I just about choked on my breakfast in laugher over the paraphernalia comment! lol I’d feel the same way if Aaron had hunting trophies. Does your husband hunt or were they inherited?

      We’ve been either insanely busy or sick, so I’m hoping to get started on clearing out next week!

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