Spotlight: The Eclectic

17 Apr

If you’re indecisive, this should help you out. Though I’m a rebel and drink it iced year round.

Free vegetable seeds for your garden!

My inner geek is showing here. I distinctly remember the first time I watched Star Wars…

Ella watches this birth video at least once a day. Nothing graphic. Only some breasts and breastfeeding.

I think I’m going to attempt these fabulous brownies for my birthday. Then I’ll probably hide behind the locked bathroom door and eat the whole pan myself.

This awesome cake might be presented to Aaron for his birthday.

A kettle that tweets when it’s done. Now there’ll be no need to watch a pot ’til it boils!

Oh Craigslist, how I love you!


One Response to “Spotlight: The Eclectic”

  1. Mrs. Soup April 19, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    Oh man, that Craigslist is awesome!

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