27 Apr

One afternoon, I was helping Ella in another room and left Miles for just a few moments.

Suddenly, I heard the most bizarre sound coming from the living room. It reminiscent of a snuffling pig.  I went down the hall, peeked around the corner, and saw my bald baby double fisting contraband applesauce into is mouth while snorting with glee.

A dollop of applesauce fell off his face and landed on the couch. I’ve never see a baby dive as fast as he did to lick it off the upholstered cushion. Obviously, that boy has equal love for milk and table food!


Aaron and I crawled into bed late on night. We squeezed in between the two kids and lay there for a few moments, laughing quietly with each other over the ridiculous way we had to maneuver to  keep from waking them up.

Suddenly, I hear little gasping giggles. I lean over Aaron and barely manage to make out Ella, who is huddled under her blanket and shaking with suppressed laughter.

I whisper, “Is Mama and Daddy silly, Ella?”

The response is even more, sillier laughter. We all join in and then snuggle in close as we fall asleep.


Ella announced with sudden urgency at the bookstore that she had to poop. I dropped everything, scooped up Miles and practically ran with Ella to the opposite end of the store where the bathrooms were located.

(On a side note, who puts the children’s department on the opposite end of the bathroom? Completely unhelpful.)

Thankfully, the handicap stall was available and I found myself bent over, helping Ella balance and trying to keep Miles from licking the toilet bowl with my knees. When I almost fell in, I gave up. Ella and I had a discussion and we decided to put a diaper on her until we got home. It would be okay.

Sometimes, you’re just ahead to regress.

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