It’s the little things

21 May

One of my sneaky secret pleasures is slipping a piece of wrapped chocolate into bed with  me while I’m putting the kids down for their naps. Once everyone is asleep (but me!), I take the candy out of the wrapper and slowly savor it in the dark. There’s something about not being able to see that heightens all my other senses. My taste buds are more sensitive and my sense of smell more acute. It’s something I sincerely enjoy and look forward to on the days we have little bits of chocolate in the house.

How about you? What’s one of your favorite small things?


One Response to “It’s the little things”

  1. Tasha May 27, 2010 at 8:47 am #

    When I was in boot camp someone had opened an individual serving of peanut butter after lights out. All of a sudden 73 women were whispering among one another to find the culprit. They were SO busted!

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