Homemade Poptarts

24 May

Thursday Homemade poptarts

Homemade poptarts. AMAZING. Melt in your mouth good. Mouth watering. I filled them with “Fruit of the Forest” preserves, which had whole cherries (om nom nom) and made the recipe with half whole wheat to give it a more nutty texture. Amazing. Delicious. Aaron loves them but wants me to add some sort of glaze or frosting to the next batch. bleck. Not sure if I will. I jokingly asked if he needed sprinkles added, too. lol

The next time I make these, I’m going to do it in a two day stint. I’ll mix up a double batch of of crust since it’s the same amount of work for a single or double batch. It can sit in the fridge overnight and I’ll use the next day’s naptime to roll out two different types. One will be black current preserves for me to enjoy and I think the other will be filled with chocolate peanut butter with bits of marshmallow fluff for the husband.

Recipe and directions can be found here.

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