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Wordless Wednesday

19 May

Room for one cheek

She wanted to sit on the bench with her baby but there was only room for one cheek…

Summer Wardrobe

13 May

I can hardly contain my excitement! I’ve been collecting super cute vintage sheet sets from our little local second hand shop, The Church Mouse. They are going to be refashioned into darling 20 minute skirts. Once the baby gets up from his nap, I’m going to dash over to the fabric store to pick up some elastic and then my goal is to whip up a couple before dinner!

To make things even better, we got gift cards to Target as a thank you for participating in a food allergy study when we went up to Chicago last week. With those, I got some cute tshirts and cardigans to compliment my skirts. They’ll carry me through this spring and summer then transition nicely into the fall with jeans and pants.

Once I get these skirts done, I’ll be able to cross off another item off my Project 101 in 1001 — make 50% of my summer wardrobe!

Pictures to come soon, I hope.

Wordless Wednesday

12 May

Mr. 'tude

25 Again

11 May

I hope you all will forgive me while I brag on my husband for a moment. Today is his birthday and I thought I’d take a moment to share different things I love about him.


I couldn’t have asked for a better man to be my husband or daddy for my babies. The look of happiness and joy on his face while he interacted with our daughter confirms that for me.


Even though he hates mornings, he cooks me breakfast without fail every day he doesn’t work.


He’s strong enough to carry both kids.


And strong enough to hold a hand.


He genuinely likes spending time with my family


And is an amazing support when we add to our’s.


He drives me everywhere just because I hate driving.

multi tasking

His multi tasking skills are legendary.


As are his date night planning skills.

Babywearing, tidying Daddy

He LOVES to clean and tidy up and does it with style, too.

Daddy Time

Even after working hard all day, he still has the energy to get down on the floor and play.

Daddy's Arms

And will take time out of his day to snuggle.


Nighttime parenting is a skill he has mastered.


And he has the magic touch with babies during church services.

Really, I could go on and on. He’s a pretty awesome guy and I am truly fortunate that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

Happy birthday, dear. I hope this year is even better than the last.


Some Answers

10 May

Every time I sit down to write, one of the kids (figuratively) explodes, I develop a horrible headache, or something. So I’ll take this brief moment and give a quick rundown.

~ The doctor was so kind, understanding and took his time to answer all of our questions.

~ He told us that we have been doing everything right and doing it well. That our decision to give her melatonin at bedtime and naptime (including the amounts) was perfectly fine.

~ Her fundamental sleep pattern is normal. She goes through all the stages of sleep. This was huge to me. Her ability to sleep is not broken!

~ She has a very low ferritin iron count. Ferritin is the stored iron in your body. Normal ranges from 10 to 300 and her count is at 12. Low stored iron can cause the body to spasmodically jerk during sleep. The sleep study noted that she constantly jerked herself awake all night.

~ Solution 1: Put her on a large daily does of iron to raise her ferritin count. Go back in 3 months, discuss how things are going, do another blood draw and go from there.

~ Solution 2 (if 1 doesn’t work): If raising her stored iron doesn’t work, it indicates her nervous system is extremely immature, so we just have to wait it out until maturity. It’s basically the same thing newborns and infants do — jerking themselves awake to help prevent SIDS. To allow everyone to sleep and get the Ella the rest she needs to allow her system to mature, we would give her a medication that would dull the nerve receptors in her body during sleep. She’d be on it for 3 months, then we’d wean her to see how sleep goes. If it doesn’t happen, she’d go back on it for another three months, etc.

I can’t even begin to express my thankfulness for answers and solutions. Solutions that involved a doctor who actually listened and didn’t just give just give us sleeping pills for our toddler or tell us that it was normal.


7 May

Hello, 25
Taken this morning while Miles napped on my back.

Hello there, 25. Nice to meet you. Today, I’ve been marveling over what I have at such a relatively young age. A spouse who works with me to maintain and improve our relationship. A flourishing marriage. A wonderful circle of friends who I can call any time of day or night. Two (two!) beautiful young children. A son. A daughter. Rich life experiences. A house we feel at home in. Loving family.

Things that really matter, that enrich my existence and will continue to do so for the rest of my life, are at my fingertips. There isn’t an overabundance of much in my life, with the exception of love. My life is a surplus of love. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Yesterday, a friend kept the kids for an hour or so while Aaron treated me to brunch at a little restaurant. Everything I ate was literally bliss on a fork.

Breakfast Brunch

My meal was a savory crepe smothered in hollandaise sauce, rustic potatoes, and a rich hot bread roll. I can still taste it all right now and my mouth is watering!

Birthday Brunch

This was the divine cinnamon roll Aaron and I shared. We couldn’t eat it all. Simply amazingly fantastic.

Then this morning, the kids and I ran to the grocery store to pick up supplies for cake baking and ice cream making. Yes, I said ice cream! Aaron gifted me with the ice cream maker attachment for my kitchenaid mixer!!! Now I can make my own dairy free ice cream and sorbet for the entire family to enjoy! I can’t even begin express my excitement!!!

After gathering coconut milk, chocolate, and raspberries, we came across this nest of geese eggs hatching. We all watched the baby geese work their way out of their eggs and fluff up their feathers! Thankfully, their nest is relatively safe in a grassy median in the grocery store parking lot. Hopefully all motorists will drive slowly until the family moves on.

Baby Geese
(so sorry for photo quality. I took it with my cell phone)

Tonight, we will enjoy this:

Birthday cake

A delicious, moist vegan chocolate cake smothered in ganache and topped with fresh red and yellow raspberries. I’m not sure I want birthday candles to spoil the frosting but I think Ella will be super sad if we don’t let her blow out candles tonight.

We’ll be adding a side of coconut milk vanilla ice cream as well.

Today has been a wonderful start to a new year! I can’t wait to see what is in store for me. 🙂

Sleep Saga Ditl

5 May

Another day in the life of us. Not so typical, since we were on our way up to the big city to see a specialist for Ella’s sleep issues. We just arrived home tonight, so I’m hoping to be able to write about our experience (and answers!!!!) tomorrow.


I look sleepless because I am. I have been for 2.5 years.


No amount of teeth brushing or face cleansing completely washing away the fact it’s 5:30am


Little miss is pretty disgruntled by the time as well. Ironic, considering she’s pretty much always up by 4am.


Breakfast on the road seemed to help the disposition of all.




After a bit of stress, our tickets are spit out at us and we head outside to wait.






We get settled in.


Built in entertainment.






So much travel gives poor Ella ants in her pants. Daddy must entertain.



We finally arrive at our hotel.


Head out again to nix a craving.



Then we meet up with new friends for lunch!


Elizabeth and her adorable children brought us hungry travelers lunch!


The girls bond.


Miles watches on with amusement.


After throwing my back out, Aaron wears both children the mile to the hospital.



We opted to participate in a family food allergy study since we had nothing to do that afternoon…



Head size burritos were picked up for dinner.


When she sleeps, this is how she does it.


Baby is with me in the other bed and I shortly all join them in the land of nod.

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