Paper Cuts

24 Jun

This week has been like a slow death by paper cuts. So many little bitty things have just continued to pile up all week that at this point, all I can do is express my thankfulness of chocolate cupcakes.

Well, not just for chocolate cupcakes.

Also for having the ability to fix Aaron’s car (it exploded earlier this week) without having to decide which bill not to pay. Having a little emergency fund has really saved our bacon.

Thankful overtime season is just that — a season.

My headache will be gone by Monday, at the latest, when my chiropractor gets back from vacation.

That my husband is totally okay with me taking the  “day off” yesterday. I sat on the couch, read my book, fed the children when hungry, snuggled them when needed, napped when they did. Then I went to bed early. The house is a bit in shambles today, but that is okay. I needed to take some time off and I got what I needed.


One Response to “Paper Cuts”

  1. Mrs Soup June 24, 2010 at 10:57 am #

    It’s okay if the house is a bit of a mess. If you are saner today? Totally worth it.

    Praying that you don’t get lemon juice in your paper cuts….

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