Interest Free Loans

8 Jul

I’m really frustrated right now.

Aaron has been working major overtime the past few weeks. It’s been a struggle for the whole family but I’ve kept soldiering forward because of the end goals: chipping away at debt and visiting my family in the Seattle, WA area. Today, we discovered that neither of those things will be happening.

Evidently, we jumped a tax bracket and over a thousand dollars will be going to the government as an interest free loan until tax season next year. In situations like these, I wish Aaron was comfortable with changing the withholdings from his paycheck. I understand his reasonings, but it doesn’t make things any easier to swallow right now.

Thankfully, what was left to us will completely cover our travel and food expenses to take Ella to her Chicago appointment next month. That is a blessing and I am grateful for that. God does provide what we need.

Until we can see family again, I’ll have to appease myself by looking at photos from our last visit during Thanksgiving 2009.



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