7 Oct

I’m feeling terribly uninspired today. Ella’s one tv show for the morning is almost over and I’m dreading it. What are we going to do this morning? I have the kitchen to finish tidying up and that’s about it. We could go outside, but the grass wet and Ella will have a seizure if I suggest stepping in it.

Pulling out beads and stringing them to make necklaces would be fun, but Miles will eat them. Or knock the box over.

Coloring always ends in tragedy. Crayons are digested by the smallest. The oldest sobs when her brother tries to color on her page.

Playdoh? No. Just no.

I know we’ll get things figured out and the ball will start rolling for the day. I’m just feeling uninspired with what to do with the kids. I can’t wait until Miles quits eating everything in his path.

What do you do as a family with young children at drastically different developmental stages?


One Response to “Uninspired”

  1. Anna October 7, 2010 at 10:08 am #

    Watch TV. lol. 😛

    Get out and window shop, somewhere like the Metro Center where you’re outside.

    Go to the library.

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