Sunday Daybook

31 Oct

Outside my window…
The sun is just beginning to highlight the sky in the palest of blue

I am thinking…
We need a new dustpan. The current one finally cracked beyond use and the cat just knocked a glass off the dining room table. I have it all swept into a pile but no way to safely deposit it into the trash.
I guess a trip to Walmart or Target is in order.

I am thankful for…
Aaron having a steady and reliable job that meets our needs. Even a few wants. It is so easy to take for granted knowing exactly, down to the penny, what his paycheck will be every other Friday.

From the kitchen…
The most AMAZING roasted cauliflower. The kids went to bed ten minutes late last night because Aaron was standing over the pan and eating it with his fingers after dinner. Recipe to come tomorrow.

I am wearing…
Gray pajama bottoms and a black top. I’m half way between getting ready to leave the house.

I am creating…
That never ending red Coat o’ Doom.
I simply cannot bring myself to talk about it.

I am reading…
Simplicity Parenting. I’m taking it slow, absorbing concepts and trying to come up with ideas how to impliment the concepts in out home.

I am hoping…
for answers to questions this week.

A few plans for the rest of the week…
Tomorrow, NaBloPoMo starts so I am going to try and get ideas flowing for posts. Posting something every single day seems daunting but if I could do it last year with a new born AND being out of town, I can do it again this year. There’s also a ton of sewing I need to accomplish this week. Thankfully my friend and I are in a babysitting trade, so she is coming over on Thursday to watch the kiddos while I slip away upstairs to sew.

Here is picture for sharing…

Tanner's Take Two

One Response to “Sunday Daybook”

  1. Kathy at 1:31 pm #

    I pray that you get the answers you seek! And can’t wait for that recipe!

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