Sunday Daybook

7 Nov

Outside my window…

Outside the window

I am thinking…
That today is going to be long (due to the time change) and planning on how to make it as bearable as possible.

I am thankful for…
A family I can laugh with. Last night’s laughing fest just before bed was so wonderful.

From the kitchen…
I discovered I need potatoes. It’s looking like a 5lb bag will no longer hold us for a week.

I am creating…
Concepts for the Food + Foto class I joined. I can’t wait to show off my creations!

I am hoping…
That this upcoming week is as enjoyable as last week.

I am hearing…
Miles’ little feet patting around the living room as he dances to music in his head.

Around the house…
Things look like a tasmanian devil blew through. Friday was a rough day for me and the house still hasn’t quite recovered.

One of my favorite things…
Snuggling my girl child, like I am right this very minute. She’s becoming very independent and physical snuggles or hugs are always have to be her idea now.

Here is picture to share…

Daddy's Arms

This time last year. 🙂


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