Fan Club Of One

12 Nov

My most fanatic fan club member


I sneak down the hall and slip into the bathroom.

Finally, a moment of peace I think to myself.

Before I manage to unbutton my jeans, there is wailing and pounding on the door. “Maaaaaa maaaaaa!” screams Miles from the hall way.

I sigh. Last night was very rough. Ella was running a high fever and this morning Miles seems to next to fall. As quickly as possible, I finish in the bathroom. When I open the door, I’m nearly knocked over by the force of his hug and Miles yells “Yeah! Maaaaa!” with exhausted laughter.

It’s okay. Before I know it, he won’t want to spend every minute with me. I’ll have all the time I want in the bathroom. Snuggles? A thing of the past. For now, I treasure my fanatic fan club of one and the moments of connection he brings.


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