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Fast break!

29 Dec

Life has been busy busy busy. I have a bunch of things I want to talk about but life just keeps on getting in the way! At the moment, I feel inspired to organize my kitchen spice cupboard AND work out. Neither of which ever happens. So I shall take advantage of those urges and just leave you with some videos and pictures.

My goal is to get the 4 month update for Miles done tonight! Be sure to check out my new page about Project 101 in 1001. I want to blog about that asap too! But first, my cupboard and workout.

This made me giggle and caused Ella to come running with our sling!

Aaron SAYS this wasn’t on purpose, but I don’t believe him. (I added the link in text because the video itself isn’t showing up in google reader. How lame is that?)

Ella enjoyed her first snow!


Snowball Throwing

Staring At Snowflakes

Wiggle Your Nose!

24 Nov

We’re leaving my family’s house today and trekking to my Aunt and Uncle’s place in Eastern Washington to spend Thanksgiving with them. I’m hoping we survive the 3 hour drive (one way) with our collective sanity in one piece as Miles has not yet made friends with his car seat.

So to start our day out with a smile, we’ll wiggle our nose like a waaaaaabit.


3 Nov

I’m Speechless

21 Oct

She’s two. When did this happen?

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