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WIP: Retro Waistcoat

26 Jun

Retro Waistcoat

This was more of a challenge than I anticipated! The pattern was obviously not tested, so I ran into a lot of difficulty. Because of that, I winged most of the design and so the front panels aren’t identical. Oh well. I don’t think it’s noticeable when Miles is wearing it, which is what’s important.

I just need to block, weave in the ends and locate the perfect chunky woven buttons!

More details on my Ravelry page.

Things I Love

25 Jun

Strawberry Surprise

Ella is so observant that she found this tiny wild strawberry in our backyard.

Date Night

Last minute sitters so Aaron and I can go out to eat dinner at the waterfront.

Snuggle Time

Family quiet time.

Berries Over Cinnamon Rolls

My smart children. They choose fresh berries over cinnamon rolls every time.

Tart Berry

Even the tart ones. 🙂

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