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12 Jul

I’ve spent the last few days limping. Saturday, I stepped wrong on the edge of a pot hole (darn depth perception!!!) and twisted my knee. Badly. Thankfully, I had the foresight to plan my running route by a friend’s house and she gave me a ride home. Ice and ibuprofen have been great buddies of mine. At the chiropractor today, my knee was adjusted (who knew such a thing was possible?) and a significant amount of pain is gone. Now my poor knee simply feels swollen and stiff.

I’m planning on holding off on the C25K program until it doesn’t hurt when I walk for at least 24 hours. I kind of want to cry a little, to be honest! I was doing so well, keeping up with it and going out even if I didn’t have the energy. Now, after just one freaking week, I’m back on the couch.

As I was bemoaning my fate to myself on Sunday, I had a moment of inspiration. If I can’t physically exercise, I can exercise control over what goes into my body.

Now, as an exclusively breastfeeding mother, I’m a bit leery of dieting in general. Every ounce of breastmilk requires about 20 calories from your body. I need to maintain my health and calorie intake to maintain the health of my son. I know of a number of weight loss programs that are breastfeeding compatible, but those all cost money and I’m not terribly interested in spending extra right now.

For this upcoming week, my goal is to eat strictly vegan. This means no dairy (we’re already dairy free, so no big deal), meat products or eggs. A truly vegan diet also doesn’t permit honey, but I’m not going that far. I need honey in my chai!

Aaron is a dedicated carnivore and a hardcore bean hater. Ella? Well, she eats (and hates) whatever Daddy eats (or hates). I couldn’t handle a week of cajoling my family to eat. I need support, not resistance. So today, I made a couple pots of soup, some grain based salads, muffins and other breakfast foods and put everything portioned out in the freezer.

Hopefully having everything laid out will enable me to stay strong and stick with my plan, while still cooking our normal meal plan for the rest of the family. I figure that if I can make a grilled cheese sandwich for Aaron without caving (one of my most missed dairy foods!), I can handle this for a week. Just one week.



1 Jul

I have been on the hunt for months for a way to get out of the house, not have to drive, get time alone (aka no kids), yet not be tempted to spend money.

Starbucks is within walking distance and they have free wifi, so I could walk there to hang out. The problem with that plan is I could never, ever, in a million years enter a coffee shop establishment and NOT buy something. There aren’t any parks really within walking distance and simply reading in the backyard isn’t what I had in mind since the kids could still see me. Window banging isn’t the serenade I find relaxing.

So instead, I’ve decided to take up running. Couch To 5K, to be exact (C25K). It gets me out of the house, doesn’t really have a pit stop built in for me to spend money at Starbucks, and I get to kill two birds with one stone by trying to get healthier at the same time.

Yesterday evening was my first night out and wow… I have got to be one of the most mashed couch potatoes ever! I really need high arch supports for my running shoes, despite getting some designed for high arches/weak ankles. My hope is that once I pick those up tonight and have a better stretching routine, things will get better.

Oh, that and a better sports bra. My chin will thank me once that happens.

My goal is to participate in the Madison Mini-Marathon in their 5k race.  I do not expect to win. I do not expect to actually run the whole way. My goal is to simply make it there,  make it over the finish line and NOT get picked up by the slow poke van.

Of course, I have to get there first. I have to stick to the program and find someone to stand with my babies at the finish line since Aaron works weekends.

First thing is first, though. Sticking with the C25K program. It will be hard but completely worth it, in the end.

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