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WIP: Retro Waistcoat

26 Jun

Retro Waistcoat

This was more of a challenge than I anticipated! The pattern was obviously not tested, so I ran into a lot of difficulty. Because of that, I winged most of the design and so the front panels aren’t identical. Oh well. I don’t think it’s noticeable when Miles is wearing it, which is what’s important.

I just need to block, weave in the ends and locate the perfect chunky woven buttons!

More details on my Ravelry page.

New WIP: Picnic Wrap

3 Apr

Picnic Wrap

I have fallen head over heels for this lovely yarn, Vero. It’s such a shame it’s been discontinued. The aran weight varies from thick to thin as the color variegates. My wrap is knitting up quickly and I foresee it blocking much wider than it’s knitting, but not so much in length. I’m excited! This is the first item I’ve ever knit for myself. 🙂


25 Jan


I’m really not back but I just HAD to share that my dreaded Coat O’ Doom is finished! It took me almost six months to complete but it is done, done, DONE!

More pictures and a bit of a rundown of my progress can be found here on my Ravelry page.

WIP Week 3

15 Aug

WIP Week 3

Worked through one skein. Total length: 6.5 inches! I’m almost half way done with the back shaping. After this, I have about 4 more inches with arm hole shaping and then I’m done with the biggest piece!

I’m toying with the idea of knitting the cuffs, epaulets and belt halves at the same time. Well, not all six pieces at once but the cuffs at the same time, then the belts, etc. I’m thinking about casting for both pieces from 2 different skeins on the same needle. Might not save on time but possible save on frustration on having to knit the same thing *again*. I’d also get to try something new during a very mundane pattern.


WIP Week 2

8 Aug

WIP Week 2

I got about 3 inches completed on the back panel. Slowly but surely, eh? Hoping this will be done by October. We’ll see… Here’s to this week being more productive since there’s no traveling involved.

Current WIP

1 Aug


I started this yesterday, 7/31/10. About an inch accomplished, after knitting the swatch.

I love vintage patterns and am so excited to watch this unfold! I’m thinking a green lining with a petite white polka dot. But that’s getting ahead of myself. I have to finish this first!

95% wool, 5% acrylic (so it should be gently washable).

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