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Things I Love

25 Jun

Strawberry Surprise

Ella is so observant that she found this tiny wild strawberry in our backyard.

Date Night

Last minute sitters so Aaron and I can go out to eat dinner at the waterfront.

Snuggle Time

Family quiet time.

Berries Over Cinnamon Rolls

My smart children. They choose fresh berries over cinnamon rolls every time.

Tart Berry

Even the tart ones. 🙂

Wordless Wednesday

11 Aug

Personal gravitation force

This is what I looked like exactly this time last year.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

13 Jul

Slide Time

Miles saw Ella climbing the slide from all the way across the yard. Before I could blink, he was over there and copying big sister on a slide just his size.

Like sister, like brother

Slide Time

I wonder what sort of shenanigans they’ll be getting into together a few short years from now…

Steamy Summer Afternoon

11 Jul

First Summer Day

First Summer Day

First Summer Day

First Summer Day

First Summer Day

First Summer Day

First Summer Day

First Summer Day

First Summer Day

Father’s Day

21 Jun

Father's Day 2010

“Children learn to smile from their parents.” Shinichi Suzuki

The Days And Years

13 Jun

Some days seem they will never, ever end. Days like yesterday.

Flower Girl

And then I realize that a day is just a day. A 24 hour period that will pass. They always do. It’s the years that fly by and bright moments need to be found in every day. Regret is not something I want to live with after the years have flown.

Parktime fun

Fairytales and Daydreams

10 Jun

Ella woke up to the surprise of a castle appearing in her backyard this morning. Her jaw literally dropped and her lips formed a perfect “o”. With a gasp of delight, she raced across the grass in her pajamas and scampered up into the tower.

I heard all sorts of things coming from behind the castle walls this morning. Giggles, full blown laughter, and stories. At one point I heard her say, “It’s not a scary dragon! It’s just a poor lonely lizard. Let’s be friends!”

Dreams start early. Imaginary play has become her best friend. I love listening to her talk to the friends I can’t see. I hope her childhood memories are filled with poor lonely lizards, castles, fairies, and adventures. It’s those sorts of things that inspire your future endeavors.


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