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No longer a pain in the butt

8 May

Got back from the chiropractor appointment this morning. I was very apprehensive about seeing him but my left hip, down my left leg, and neck were to the point of unbearable pain. It would at least be worth a shot to discuss my medical history and see what he had to say, especially since he is incredibly affordable! Every single chiropractor I’ve interviewed has had NO idea what my spinal condition is or what it entails. I simply refuse to let anyone who is uneducated on my condition to adjust me. Well, Dr G not only knew what it was but had just recently read an article in a medical journal about a new way doctors are surgically treating it to prevent the lack of mobility I have now as a result of the surgeries. To top it off, he knew how serious a grade 5 is. Color me shocked and stunned!

Another thing I really appreciated was that he explained before touching me exactly what he was going to do, how he was going to do it, and how the interior of my body would look after the adjustment. He shared this information in such a way that it didn’t make me feel uneducated and also instilled a sense of trust in me regarding his abilities.

While I don’t feel 100% better, I was able to get out of the car at home without wanting to cry and I’m walking without a limp! On Tuesday morning, I have another appointment. After that, he feels that I can come every other week to compensate for my ever changing pregnant self. After the baby is born, he assured me that once a month would be adequate for maintenance but if I needed to be seen more, I’d know and to just call for an appointment.

There is a time and place for the traditional medical field. I’m very thankful for what the medical world has to offer — I’d be in a wheel chair if it wasn’t for those resources. However, I am incredibly grateful for the world of alternative medicine that is offered through chiropractic care, massage therapy, holistic treatments and so much more.

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